When you're an adult making new friends can be very difficult. You're busier than ever and you really don't have much spare time to socialize. Even if you did have time - where would you start?

A new program called 'Speed-Friending' provides you the chance to meet a ton of people quickly with the goal of creating new friendships for everyone that attends.

Rochester librarian Allison Girres recently moved to Rochester and experienced how difficult it truly is to make new friends: "It can be hard for people to make friends, especially when you lose the natural social groups of school and college... just like in dating, rejection can be a fear for people seeking new friends as well."

Girres and the RPL have announced the first “Speed-Friending” event will take place on Jan. 10th at Forager Brewery. Girres says “ it's a low-pressure way to meet people.”

For more information about Speed Friending or other library events, visit www.rochesterpubliclibrary.org.

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