Construction on Rochester’s first splash pad is scheduled to start later this year and the city has plans to add more in the coming years.

The first splash pad is being built at Lincolnshire Park and will be roughly 2,500 sq. ft. A City press release explains, "It will have 10 play activities of both flush and above ground elements highlighted by a “Tippy Wedge” with signage for photo opportunities." 

City of Rochester Parks Dept.
City of Rochester Parks Dept.

The Rochester Parks & Recreation Department is asking for your opinions and feedback on splash pads.  Parks & Recreation Director Paul Widman said, “The community engagement that occurred via our 2016 System Plan indicated a desire by the community to add splash pads to our parks.  We are very excited to getting closer to that reality.  We encourage the community to provide additional feedback through these latest engagement activities.”

The City says, "The splash pad at Lincolnshire Park will be one of multiple that will be added to the Rochester community in the coming years. Parks & Recreation anticipate a splash pad being built at Mcquillan Field Park in 2022."

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