Spooky season is wrapping up and pretty soon it'll be time to get rid of those cute or scary jack-o-lanterns you and your family worked so hard to carve. So what do you do with them? Don't throw them out, there's a better way to get rid of them in Rochester, Minnesota.

Quick story time, I was very eager to carve pumpkins this year. I wanted to carve them about 2 weeks before Halloween so we had time to enjoy them. Well... turns out that's WAY too early to carve pumpkins because now they're super moldy and look awful. I had to go buy another pumpkin that we'll carve that we can have out when trick-or-treaters come by.

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So what do we do with those nasty pumpkins? There are a few options!

**Note: I saw a trend going around this year to soak your pumpkin in bleach in order to keep them fresher, longer. If you did this, do not do the below things, it'd be better to just throw it out.

Compost It


If you have a compost pile, just toss your pumpkin in and let the compost do it's magic! You're doing something good for the planet instead of just tossing it out, plus you'll have great soil for a garden next spring.

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Bring it to a Compost Site

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If you don't have your own compost pile, Olmsted County has a compost site where you can dispose of yard waste, including pumpkins. The address is 305 Energy Parkway NE in Rochester, across form the Hazardous Waste Facility. They're open during daylight hours Monday through Friday.

Toss it Into the Forest or Your Back Yard for the Animals

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If you have some trees or woods behind your house then go ahead and toss that pumpkin in there for the animals to have a nice snack. Or if you don't have woods to toss it in, just putting it in the very back of your backyard to provide a nice snack for an animal. You don't want it too close to your house though or the animals might get the idea to come in, and you don't want that.

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