With record snow falls comes precarious obstacles, like getting to the airport on time. Nothing is more stressful than knowing you have to contend with trying to dig yourself out of a snow bank to make a flight. The #blizzard2017 proved to be that obstacle. So, to hear this story of altruism from the Rochester International Airport of a kind driver that gave rides to passengers to the airport really touches our hearts and is a true testament to the beauty of humanity. The Rochester International Airport posted a status thanking the driver and asking for any information on who it is, here's the post:


We found out that it was Steve Yaggy, owner of Steve Yaggy Trucking! I spoke to him on the phone and he agreed to let me share it was him, not for the accolades (he was super humble) but that he hopes it will inspire others to do the same. He said that he doesn't accept money for the rides but just asks people to pay it forward if they can. He said that he agrees kindness is contagious and loves the idea of "Sharing the Love" behind our collaboration with Clements Subaru. We'll have another update soon once we meet Steve and show him that kindness comes full circle!

KROC is "Sharing the Love" with Clements Subaru. This driver is the exact person we want to acknowledge for their kind acts. As they say, what goes around comes around.

Kindness, like a boomerang, always returns. ~Author Unknown

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