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We all have questions...how do I jump a car, how do I bake a loaf of bread, what should I do with my cheatin-no-good-slime-ball boyfriend? Turns out, Minnesotans go to different people for different kinds of advice.

  • Each of us ask about 31 people for help through our life. Some are repeats, so that's why the number seems low.
  • At about two requests for help a week, we average about 104 a year.
  • That's over 6,000 in an average lifetime. (SOURCE)

Who are we asking...and what are we asking them for advice about? That changes depending on what we need help with.

The research was done by a group called Olbas, and Dr. Angharad Rudkin, psychologist and expert working with Olbas, said:

“We are designed as social beings, and from the day we are born we seek support from those around us in order to stay healthy and well. As we grow, so does our support network, but our mums and dads will always hold a special place in that network.

Knowing how to ask for help, and how to accept that help is one of the most important things we can do for our well-being.

Before we dig into who is asked what...it should be noted we say mom is more helpful than dad. Likely because we ask mom more questions, not because dad doesn't have any answers. And, of course, these #'s may not reflect your own life experience.

Who Do Minnesotans Ask for Advice?

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