ST. PAUL -- House Democratic and Senate Republican leaders reached a deal on COVID bonuses for front line workers and on re-filling the Unemployment Insurance Fund to avoid business tax increases -- and it's expected a bill will be on the governor's desk later Friday and he'll sign it.

The state says 667,000 Minnesotans will soon be eligible to claim a bonus check for $750.

"Frontline sector" means the following sectors:
(1) long-term care and home care;
(2) health care;
(3) emergency responders;
(4) public health, social service, and regulatory service;
(5) courts and corrections;
(6) child care;
(7) schools, including charter schools, state schools, and higher education;
(8) food service, including production, processing, preparation, sale, and delivery;
(9) retail, including sales, fulfillment, distribution, and delivery;
(10) temporary shelters and hotels;
(11) building services, including maintenance, janitorial, and security;
(12) public transit;
(13) ground and air transportation services;
(14) manufacturing; and
(15) vocational rehabilitation.

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