Give me all the carbs!

Last weekend my wife and I hit what I like to call the "Saturday Night Trifecta":

  • Night out with friends
  • Overnight baby sitter
  • Dinner at Olive Garden

That last one could easily be replaced with any restaurant because we love our "adult time" without the kiddo, but I digress. But I bring this particular night up because we both go nuts for the OG's their never-ending soup, salad and breadsticks special. Especially their breadsticks. Seriously, we'll daydream about those things and how good they are all day before we arrive!

However, the Olive Garden isn't the only spot in town we like to go for date nights. We also like to hit up Red Lobster (usually after payday, like OG) and Outback Steakhouse, too. Sometimes I'll tag along with friends to Red Lobster just so I can eat their cheddar biscuits. Not kidding.

Now maybe you've already picked it out, but what do all of these places have in common? They all serve some form of delicious bread for an appetizer!

So I'm asking you to tell me once and for all, if you based your restaurant of choice on it's bread alone, which do you prefer:


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