In all seriousness, I posted an article to our Facebook page last week about a bunch of kids biking across the world for cancer. My first thought, wow, that's amazing - 4,000 miles for cancer. Add that to my bucket list. Unfortunately, other people didn't feel so positively about it. Honestly, I was pretty shocked at the reaction I got. Some of the comments are so bad, I can't even share with you. But the jist, Rochester hates bicyclists - whether they are riding for cancer or not.

Yan Lev Think Stock

Now, I get that not ALL of Rochester hates bicyclists. And obviously, some bicyclists make driving around them a challenge.

I'm one of those people that love to ride bike but don't trust people on the road. The bike lanes are awesome and all, but with the outrageous number of people refusing to put their phone down while behind the wheel, how do you just accept that you may or may not get hit by one of those distracted drivers? So I'd prefer to ride on the sidewalk, which is against the rules. It truly is a lose-lose situation.

If you're a cyclist, have you ever had a bad experience in Rochester? Let us know below.


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