Wallethub recently announced that Minnesota is the happiest state in America. (I know, we're all saying 'Ya betchya!") But what makes this great state so happy? It's 10,000 lakes? It's gorgeous scenery? Snow? Mall of America? While all of these probably contribute to the happiness factor, the fact remains that what makes this the happiest state is our people's devotion to volunteering! That's right, Minnesotans have big hearts and it's easy to be happy when you're helping others.

Here's several reasons why volunteering makes folks feel good (and happy gosh darnit!):

  • Manages chronic illness
  • Improves mood
  • Lowers stress level
  • Makes community a better place
  • Enriches ones self purpose in life

We also scored well in other areas of "Emotional & Physical Well-being" and "Work environment".

If you're looking for ways to add to the ranks of Minnesota happy folks, check out United Way of Olmsted County volunteer section. You can browse some available volunteer jobs and using your talents to make the world (and our state) an even better place!

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