When it comes to raising a family, health, safety, security, and education are some of the most important factors when deciding where to live. Thankfully, Minnesota ranked very high in WalletHub's recent study ranking each state from best to worst place to raise a family.

There are 51 factors that WalletHub took into consideration when making these rankings. Those 51 factors were split into four overarching categories: Family Fun, Health and Safety, Education and Child Care, and Affordability.

After looking at all of these factors, WalletHub determined that Minnesota is one of the best states to raise a family, coming in at number 4. Other states in the top five include Nebraska at number 5, Vermont at number 3, New York at number 2, and Massachusetts as the number 1 best state to raise a family.

How did Minnesota rank so highly? WalletHub broke down a few of the factors, like the five states with the most affordable housing and the five states with the least affordable housing.

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Minnesota ranked number one for the highest median family salary (adjusted for cost of living), number two for the lowest percentage of families in poverty, and number five for the lowest separation and divorce rate. Those are the big factors that Minnesota ranked highly in, causing us to take the number four overall spot.

Now, of course, we need to talk about the five worst states to raise a family according to WalletHub's findings. Number 46 is Oklahoma, 47 is South Carolina, 48 is Louisiana, 49 is New Mexico, and the worst state to raise a family is Mississippi.

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