I have to share this story about what happened with my eldest daughter.

Yesterday when I dropped her off, I tagged her to race from the parking lot to the building, which was a pretty good distance. She’s gotten so tall that she outpaced me quickly, leaving me to eat dust. Mind you, I was wearing flip flops. She got real cocky after that.

Today, we got out of the car and I looked at her and said “It’s on.” I could tell she felt pretty confident that she’d win again. We raced (I was wearing shoes) and I absolutely dominated. I will say that I had to put everything into it because that kid can run and she gave it all she got. We were laughing so hard and I had to inhale lots of oxygen to fill my lungs after that. Lol

Sometimes you gotta show them what's up and keep them grounded. Turns out a recent study has suggested that you really shouldn't let your kids win all the time anyways. Here's why:

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