Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - Two major Rochester streets finally re-opened to traffic after being shut down for months - but the work was not finished by the scheduled deadline.

Does this mean the city will pursue penalties from the contractors who worked on the projects?

The entire section of 18th Ave NW between 37th and 55th streets opened to traffic Wednesday. Part of the project was worked on last year and the second phase began in April. Also opening to traffic Wednesday was the section of 4th St SW between 1st and 6th avenues. Work on this project began in early July.

According to earlier announcements by the city, work on both projects was scheduled to be completed by the end of October.

City Council President Randy Staver was asked about possible penalties:

“ The primary reason for delays is weather-related. Before we would pursue assessment of penalties, our Public Works staff will first meet with the various contractors in the upcoming weeks to review what occurred in 2018 and their plans for completion in 2019. Again, I suspect weather will be the main culprit. However, if we determine that delays were caused by elements within the control of the contractor(s), then we may discuss some sort of financial mitigation.”

Although the section of 4th St has reopened, motorists will have to contend with two intersections that still don’t have traffic control lights (3rd and 4th avenues) and small ditches along the street that could prove hazardous to vehicles and bicyclists.

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