Ever since I was little, I've had my hold ups about jumping and swimming in any lakes. Maybe watching JAWS freaked me out, or maybe some fish or random seaweed brushed my legs one too many times? In any case, I would hate to be swimming along minding my own business and suddenly hearing about this...

Back in March, I read about an extremely cool and twisted story about how a couple of Friday the 13th super fans decided to plant a Jason Voorhees statue, complete with mask and machete, 120 feet deep in a Minnesota lake back in 2013!

Freaky right? Well it wasn't long until copycat pranksters began doing similar stunts, including one lake in Arizona where they could be losing their own Jason, along with other props due to it being labeled "trash".

In the story, the diver gave props to our own Jason by saying it gave him inspiration for planting his version in the desert, but sadly it sounds like ours will live to scare another day. In fact, it sounds like our Minnesota location is about to get a Freddy Krueger statue to join Jason!

Maybe there's still time to #SaveJason in Arizona, but I think I speak for most movie goers when I say one less iconic movie villain, the better. Also, I wouldn't plan on camping or falling asleep if you're going to visit our lake in Minnesota. Because, duh!

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