Whoever came up with this is both clever and twisted as hell.

Imagine yourself enjoying a beautiful day at the lake, when you decide to take a dip. Normally the only thing you'd have to worry about grabbing your legs from under the water is some seaweed, only at this particular Minnesota lake, you've got something much, much more sinister waiting for you towards the bottom.

According to DreadCentral.com, someone planted a Jason Voorhees statue, complete with mask and machete, 120 feet deep that has been freaking out divers since 2013!

Don't believe me? Check this out:

As you can imagine, after five years of being buried at the bottom of the lake, he's looking a little "tough"

While you movie buffs will remember Jason "died" in Crystal Lake in the movies, there's a real Crystal Lake in Burnsville, MN, but you'll actually find this menacing character at a popular diving spot in Crosby, MN. Look, I'm just going to do the smart thing and stay the hell out of the water entirely.

Just remember: You can't Ch-Ch-Ch without a little Ah-Ah-Ah...

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