I've seen it happen before with ketchup and mustard bottles, but this would be something else entirely.

I've worked several jobs in the restaurant business, including five great years over lunch hour at Newts downtown and I never could have imagined anything like this happening. I mean, it's one thing to regulate all the condiments people waste on their plates by taking away the ketchup bottle, but this is a whole different ballgame considering so many people (including myself) over-salt our food.

I haven't seen it happen at any of my favorite hot spots around Rochester yet, but there's a chance you'll notice your favorite restaurant quietly remove the salt shaker from your table as it's starting to happen all over the country. So what exactly is going on?

According to an article at Yahoo!, we could be seeing a lot more restaurants removing the salt shaker from their tables because of a few reasons:

  • The salt you find at the table is usually low "cheap" quality and doesn't enhance any flavors of the food
  • Chefs don't like ceding control of how their food is seasoned
  • Tables are too crowded the way it is with all those menus, fliers and tablets
  • They're too ugly, and the prettier ones are usually stolen off the table anyway

We'll have to wait and see if Rochester and other southeast Minnesota restaurants adopt this growing trend, but if it does happen, you better believe I'll be stashing an shaker from home into my wife's purse just in case I need it.

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