The "hot" new... coverup? Towel? Introducing the Towelkini, one of the more useless things you can wear to the beach this summer. These things are taking over the internet right now but they don't look good and they aren't functional unless you plan on just laying on the beach all day (which honestly doesn't sound like the worst idea...).

This is the Towelkini.

Credit: Aria McManus via Instagram

Pretty weird looking, right? Honestly, before I started looking into these more, I thought these would be a replacement for a swimsuit but no, one part of your body is completely exposed so you still have to wear a swimsuit anyway.

Credit: Aria McManus via Instagram

Also, think about this, if you plan on lounging on the beach with this (which, I'm not sure what else you'd do in it) if you're wearing it the way they suggest that would mean your back is laying on the sand, not on a towel. That sounds pretty uncomfortable to me!

And if you plan on swimming, I don't know why you would bother bringing this along because you wouldn't want to wear this in the water. Plus you're already wearing a swimsuit anyway.

I'll bring a regular beach towel, thanks!


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