Think Roomba meets Zamboni! Self-driving robots will be gliding through the aisles of Walmart stores in the near future. Walmart is going to start using the robot custodians next month.

According to a news release from Walmart, the robot uses multiple sensors to scan its surroundings for people and obstacles, providing the industry's highest level of safety and performance.

So will we see these robots in the Rochester stores? As of now, it's unknown. They are only adding 360 robots to their stores nationwide (they have more than 6,000).  My guess - we won't see them here yet, but if all goes well with their test run, it'll be just a matter of time.

In other Walmart news: It seems to be happening more and more, but it's my favorite type of story to share.  Another Secret Santa dropped into a Colorado Walmart and paid for $45,000 for layaway gifts. Read more here.

Did you hear that the KROC crew is delivering Random Acts of Christmas with the help of Haley Comfort Systems? Nominate a family that could use a little extra help this year.


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