Some big artists have been making stops around the Midwest this summer! And it's not slowing down yet because there's a big festival coming to Wisconsin and you can score tickets to be there for free.

Ashley For the Arts
Ashley For the Arts

Ashley for the Arts

The Ashley for the Arts music festival is on the way at the beginning of August, the 10th through the 12th, in Arcadia, Wisconsin. They have a sweet lineup this year with artists like OneRepublic, Walk the Moon, and Tyler Hubbard (from Flordia Georgia Line).

In case you aren't familiar with why Ashley for the Arts exists, here is a little more info from their website:

Ashley for the Arts is a non-profit initiative that provides the entire family with world class entertainment, art, exercise and family fun for a remarkably low cost. It is also one of Wisconsin’s largest charity events, raising nearly $650,000 in 2022 for over 70 non-profit organizations, including participating schools, children’s charities and medical research.

So you can enjoy great music for a good cause!

How to Get FREE Tickets to Ashley for the Arts

If you want to check out Ashley for the Arts for free, we've got you.

All of you have to do is, step one, make sure you're listening to Dunken and Carly weekday mornings. At 6:40 AM we'll give out a trivia question.

Step two, submit your guess to the trivia question on the 106.9 KROC app using our chat feature.


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Step three, hope you got the right answer! As long as the answer hasn't been given out on air yet you can keep guessing if you get it wrong. Everyone that gets the trivia question correct is entered into the drawing and one person each day will win tickets to Ashley for the Arts!

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