This Wisconsin man was in the right place at the right time and made a lucky stop at a nearby gas station because his stop ended up making him a millionaire! Daniel Bellefeuille is the big winner and he's from Spooner, Wisconsin. Winning the lottery couldn't have come at a better time for him.

Daniel had decided to stop at the Marathon gas station in Spooner because he needed to fill up his snowmobile with gas. While he was at the gas station he decided he might as well stop inside and purchase a Powerball lottery ticket. You never know, right!

He told the Wisconsin Lottery that he just had a feeling that he would one day win the lottery, and that ended up being a correct feeling. That lottery ticket he happened to purchase while filling up on gas won him $1 million.

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Any of us, of course, would love to win $1 million, that kind of money can do a lot. But the timing of Daniel winning was a great one because it turns out he's retiring soon. Now he'll really be able to do whatever he wants during retirement, which is super exciting for him.

He told the Wisconsin Lottery that he plans to use the money to help pay to finish building a home on land that he owns. He also plans to buy a new used car. Yep, not even with a million dollars does he want to buy a new car, which I find so funny. Congratulations to Daniel!

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