It's back. The grossest brat I've ever heard of is back just for the spooky season. It's available at a meat market in Madison, Wisconsin. If someone handed this brat to me I MIGHT take a bite but I don't know... it kind of freaks me out.

I love different brat combos. Usually, I stick with some pretty basic stuff like jalapeno cheddar or apple and gouda. So I'm not totally boring when it comes to brats I eat! But I think this is taking it too far.

Candy Corn Brat is Back at Madison, WI Meat Market

Yes, the world-famous candy corn brat is back.

Jenifer St. Market via Twitter
Jenifer St. Market via Twitter

It's sold at Jenifer Street Market in Madison. I wrote about their candy corn brat when they first released it two years ago and it took the world by storm. It's unlike any brat anyone has ever heard of so, naturally, we were all intrigued.

Justin Strassman, who is one of the people behind the candy corn brat, told TODAY Food back in 2021, "It's just your traditional brat, [but] we use an Oktoberfest beer in there, so there's that caramel sweetness.... and we thought to change it up with candy corn."

I definitely will not knock the creativity. And clearly it was a good business move because the candy corn brats are a big hit!

So if you're going to be in the Madison area, maybe make a stop at Jenifer Street Market to try one of these candy corn brats for yourself. And then let me know how it is, because I'm not convinced.

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