This news stinks in every sense of the word: Wisconsin was just named one of the grossest states in the country.

A new study was dropped on on Wednesday (May 12th), which ranks each state in the country from least gross to the grossest. This is a little bit harsh, especially because Wisconsin was named one of the grossest!

Wisconsin came in at number fourteen on the list, which means it is the fourteenth grossest state in the country. How sad.

To get to the conclusion of the study, organizers looked at a few different things. This list includes how dirty the air is, how much of the state is covered in landfills and the spread of illnesses. They also added in how many people looked at recipes with mayonnaise and how many people wear crocs. (I have crocs and I love them. I am not ashamed to admit it!)

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These are very random factors so I wouldn't take it super personally if you live in Wisconsin. As for Minnesota, they fared far better here, being named one of the least gross states. They came in near the bottom of the list at number thirty-eight.

While this study is funny, states like Virginia and the Carolinas came in at the top of the list. Those states are known for their history and beauty so we can all just laugh this one off!

As for the states that aren't gross in this instance, we are looking at Alaska, Montana and Nebraska.

Wisconsin has had it rough the past few months with studies like these. Back in February, right before Valentine's Day, the same website did a study stating that it wasn't easy for men in Wisconsin to find a date. Don't worry Wisconsin, we love you!

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