Driving into work this morning from the northeast part of Rochester, I couldn't help but notice a dozen, or so, signs that had popped up along 14th Street NE, approaching the intersection with 11th Avenue NE. The signs were white, with red lettering. What they said was a bit alarming...

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

It looks as though there was an incident at that intersection around 9:30 AM last Friday, May 19. According to the signs, it involved a pick-up truck with a trailer and a pedestrian. There's a number to call if people have more information regarding the incident. No other information is provided on the signs.

It makes a person wonder what happened at this intersection last Friday morning. Was it a hit and run? If so, that's a scary situation, with an elementary school being just a block away. Or perhaps there was an altercation between the driver of the truck and the pedestrian? The signs simply don't provide any detailed information.

Were you in that area around 9:30 AM last Friday? Did you witness anything strange or illegal happen there?

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