A woman was left infuriated when her husband flippantly sent her his vacation photos instead of reassuring words after she told him their son had to have emergency knee surgery while he was away.

"Yesterday our son fractured his knee and is having emergency surgery on Monday. My husband was on the way to the airport when I found out surgery was happening. I called him to get our health insurance info and briefly explain the surgery," the woman wrote via Mumsnet.

"It was a hurried call as we were at the doctor's office and they were waiting for the insurance policy info. My son (12) had a massive panic attack at the mention of surgery and it was a hugely stressful morning," she continued her post on the parenting forum.

Instead of sounding worried, or even offering reassurance, the woman's husband simply sent her pics from a fancy airport lounge. He sent the message via WhatsApp and it included photos of "nice food and large glass of wine with the message 'ahh business class lounge is nice.'"

"Am I being unreasonable to feel utterly f---ed off? No inquiry about our son, no seeing if I was ok (tearful mess), no offer to not go away and come home and be around for the surgery. He was flying off not to go to work but to see friends," she concluded.

In the comments, users were baffled by the man's reaction, with many suggesting he's simply selfish.

"How tone deaf can you get? In his position, I would have pulled out of the trip. Never mind sending pictures of food," one person wrote.

"I could not imagine flying off anywhere if my 12-year-old needed surgery. To send you pics like that is beyond tactless," another commented.

"Your husband is selfish — I’d really be questioning if I wanted to be with someone who abandoned their child and wife at this time. To not even ask about your son? Awful," someone else weighed in.

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