Do you remember the highs and lows of blind dates?  Maybe you were set up by a friend or family member.  Maybe you met someone online.  Either way, you set that date and time to meet them for the first time.  You wondered, 'what is he/she like?'  'What will they wear?'  'Are they as cute in person as my friend says they are or as their profile picture stations?'  You head on over with butterflies in your stomach.  You wonder 'did I dress well?'  'will he/she like me?'  'will I get a kiss goodnight?'

Finally, you arrive and meet.  Usually after a few minutes you start to get the picture that he/she is into you or not and if you are into them or not.  But, imagine you showed up for a blind date and your date was wearing a wedding dress or a groom's tux?  In this hilarious video below, this woman tried a wedding dress.  The reactions from the men are great!

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