Breaking up with a partner can be an awkward time when it comes to splitting assets you acquired during the relationship.

If you are not married, it's mostly assumed that you take what is yours and what you brought into the relationship.

When it comes to pets, the line can become a little more blurred.

One woman took to Reddit explaining she is willing to take her ex to court for custody of his dog following their split.

"My ex-boyfriend bought a dog while we were dating," the woman wrote via Reddit, according to the Mirror. She claimed she had become the pooch's primary caregiver while her ex-boyfriend was working or out partying.

"I almost immediately became his primary caretaker due to my ex’s medical school demands and his choice to make partying and going out his top priority in any free time he had," she continued. "What started out as me helping him out quickly turned into him taking advantage of my kindness because of his repeated negligence and shrinking responsibilities."

Ever since they called it quits though, the boyfriend "plans on taking the dog back," she added, "which breaks my heart."


"I love this dog and would do anything for him. It kills me knowing that he’s just going to be sitting alone for 14+ hours every day in a cramped apartment while my ex is doing med school rotations."

As she prepares to take her ex to court if need be, the woman has compiled photos, videos and receipts to prove the dog is mostly in her care and how much money she has spent on the pup over the year.

"I know that oftentimes, in the eyes of the law, things are looked at pretty black and white when it comes to pets," she expressed. "I have testimony from his past friends and his previous ex of him purchasing multiple different pets (reptiles, birds, hamsters) experiencing the initial novelty and joy of having them, and then giving them up within six months to a year of initially purchasing them."

The woman added she is willing to try and work out an amicable resolution with her ex.

"But before going the nuclear route, I want to have another conversation with him about things, just to see if we can figure something out," she wrote. "If that doesn’t work, and if I want to have any chance at holding on to the dog that I raised myself, then I guess I might have to escalate things into legal territory."

Users flooded the comment section, with many advising the woman should she need to go the legal route.

"You might consult legal advice but since you weren't married I believe the dog is, ultimately, his possession," one person wrote, while another commented: "You may try to level with him and strive for a mutual custody situation or possibility of buying the dog for the purchase price. If everything said is true - it sounds like the dog will ultimately suffer in his care."

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