So the other day I overslept. Woke up late, scrambled to get ready and made it to work minutes before our show started. Oversleeping is the worst because you feel like you're playing catch up all day.

What is one thing guaranteed to ruin your day? Here's what our listeners said:

Jody Larson: When I can’t find something like my work keys! I go into survival/panic mode. My poor family!

Jess Tuttle: Waking up feeling refreshed and then stepping in cat puke..

Nikki van den Heever: When you forget your phone and can't go get it.... So sad.

Maggie Berry: Forgetting your lunch at home.

Kristen Cornwell: When my kids misplace everything for school and can't "find" it when it is literally right there in plain sight which ends up making us run late.

Kathy Sanchez: When your kids won't hurry up in the morning when needing to get them to school then having to hit every darn red light when your in a hurry to kids kids to school cause they wouldn't hurry up not to mention the extreme slow drivers that don't even go the speed limit.

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