The app was designed to help "improve the mental health of millions of teens," but do you think it would actually help, or would it just add fuel to the already burning fire?

Nearly a third of the earth's population is using Social Media, and sadly almost half of teens have been bullied online! Cyber bullying is a huge problem, but this app designer wants to put an end to it.

The app is called TBH, and it quickly went to the number one free download on Apple phones, with an Android Play Store version on the way. What does TBH mean? It means To Be Honest. "It works by letting users send anonymous compliments like 'has the best smile' to their friends and contacts. Unlike other anonymous apps, TBH only allows positive messages."

Is this going to help, or do you think kids would abuse it? I can see kids NOT getting "votes" or "compliments," and feeling devastated. OR people saying so and so has the best smile, even though said person may need braces or something. Taking a compliment out of context to intentionally pick on someone, ya know? I'm torn! What do you think?


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