Star Wars’ favorite weird drink is coming to our galaxy.

Lucasfilm today announced the first official blue milk beverage that will be available in grocery stories. The iconic drink — which appeared in the very first Star Wars in 1977 around the Skywalker breakfast table — is now being sold by dairy company TruMoo.

So what’s in blue milk? At last the secret can be revealed. The press release says that it contains “1% low-fat milk and features natural vanilla flavor and blue color for a truly galactic delicious experience your family will enjoy.”

Here’s the blue milk scene from Star Wars. According to Mark Hamill, the stuff (which was actually “long life” milk with blue food coloring) tasted horrible and literally made him ”gag” trying to keep it down.

Hopefully the folks at TruMoo have improved upon the flavor from the prop version used on Tatooine. (Come to think of it, this is what some very poor farmers in the middle of an endless desert were drinking because they could literally get nothing else to hydrate their bodies. Are ... are we sure we want to drink this?)

Disney Parks
Disney Parks

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This is not the first time that Disney has marketed blue milk. Guests at Disneyland and Walt Disney World can drink blue (and green) milk at the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge areas of each theme park. The difference there, besides the fact that you have to go to California or Florida to try them, is that those are non-dairy drinks; they’re essentially fruit smoothies in two different flavors. This blue milk that TruMoo is going to sell is actually a dairy product, with food coloring to dye it blue.

As for why the Galaxy’s Edge parks don’t sell blue milk that’s actually milk ... would you want to guzzle down a big glass of moo juice in the middle of a 105 degree day in Orlando? I didn’t think so.

TruMoo’s Star Wars Blue Milk will be available starting on April 17. Just imagine how good it will taste if you dust off that old box of C-3POs and smother it in a big pour of creamy blue milk.

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