Introducing Verdera! The Alexa-enabled mirror is just the first of an amazing line of smart home products - Kohler Connect. Soon you'll be able to warm up your toilet seat, start your shower, pour the exact amount of water and more with the power of your voice!! Holy crap, this is exciting. I'm like a little kid in a candy shop looking at these.

You can pre-order the Alexa-enabled mirror on Amazon now. It is being released May 31st. For $999 you'll get a 24x33 inch mirror that is loaded with power! According to Kohler, you can ask it to read the news, adjust mirror lighting, and control other house gadgets. "It features dual microphones and a watertight casing to protect its innards from splashes. It's also motion-sensitive and puts on a night light when you walk by it."

And to think that this is JUST the beginning! Check out the other products coming soon:

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