I feel like I just took a step back in time! Seeing this bus gave me all the feels. Oh yeah, total fangirl right here. A fellow fangirl is celebrating the Spice Girls reunion tour by making it possible for all of us to take in the original bus - the bus that was used in the movie Spice World. The outside of the bus looks exactly as it did in the movie, with its iconic Union Jack-painted exterior.

I’m a huge fan of the band and have tried to include as many little touches as possible inspired by the girls and their music, to make the inside just as iconic as the outside!

- Suzanne, Airbnb

Inside the bus, you'll find a whole lot of SPICE, including a neon light that reads “Girl Power,” ’90s magazines and CDs, zebra-print carpet, disco balls, and even a basket of colorful scrunchies.

You'll "have" to travel to London to stay in the bus! It will be parked in Wembley Park in Market Square. Bookings on Airbnb will be accepted beginning May 22nd.




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