I had a wedding up in the cities over the weekend, and every time we make the trip we allocate some time to stop at our favorite shops. Stores that we don't have in Rochester. "I Like You" is always first on the list.

As corny as it sounds, finding this store was definitely fate. A few weeks ago we were looking for thrift/antique shops while we were in Minneapolis. We found a few on the map, and ended up right across the street from "I Like You." Little did we know, this store was about to become our favorite.


As you step into the store the walls are covered with Minnesota artwork, cards, jewelry, clothes and more. If you love your state, you will love this store. And the best part of it all, everything in the store is made by local artists. That also means you'll always see new and fun things with every visit. This time we bought a hand engraved Minnesota necklace, a beautiful frame, a gorgeous art piece (that I can't share because it's a gift that has not been given yet...) and solid perfume (seriously this stuff is amazing!).

While I 100% feel that this store is worth the drive to Minneapolis, you can also get their products shipped to you. Here's the website. AND, they have a second location in St Paul called "I Like You Too."

What other people are saying about I Like You on Facebook:

  • Amanda - "Awesome t-shirts; eclectic, smorgasbord art, jewelry, and gifts. Fun to browse, better to buy. Friends will be jealous. Don't tell them you were going to gift it but decided to keep it for yourself. Or just be prepared to buy two..."
  • Shannon - "My go-to shop for gifts! So many genuinely nice and cute things from local artists."
  • Jeffery - "The best the Twin Cities has to offer!"

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