Halloween is just around the corner and if you've got kids, I know you are trying to find something fun where they can wear their costume but don't want it to be too scary either.  I found 2 very family-friendly events that would be perfect!  One is in Byron, Minnesota and the second is in a "haunted" forest in Rochester, Minnesota.

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Bring Your Kids to Boo at the Zoo in Byron, Minnesota

Save the date for Saturday, October 30th because Boo at the Zoo will be happening at Oxbow Park and Zollman Zoo.  Your kids will LOVE it!  They can wear their Halloween costume and will have a chance to go trick or treating near the front entrance of the zoo.  According to their Facebook event page, here's a few of the other fun activities that will be happening that day:
  • Visit with the River Valley Ghostbusters Crew 10 am – 2 pm
  • Watch the zoo animals get a pumpkin treat at 1:00 pm
  • Get your hand painted (like face painting) from 10 am - 1 pm
  • Take your photo at the fall themed photo area by the Wolves
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Family-friendly Halloween fun is happening at Quarry Hill Nature Center in Rochester with Creatures of the Night event.

A night of spooky fun awaits you at Quarry Hill Nature Center as fun characters and animals join you on your walk throughout the park.  This year a flying squirrel, opossum, worm, and spider will all be joining you to share their story about their life as a creature of the night.

You'll need to grab tickets for this spooky(ish) event for your kids.  All the details and ticket info can be found here.

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Check out these haunted spots around Rochester, Minnesota!

Did you hear about the trolley of doom that is going around to all the spookiest and haunted spots in Rochester?  It's true, and one of the spots that it visits is Quarry Hill.  Scroll through the entire list below and see the other haunted locations that it will be visiting.

The Spookiest Spots in Rochester, Minnesota

Did you know that Rochester, Minnesota has quite a few spooky spots that are perfect for celebrating the freakiest month of them all? Rumor is that we have ghosts, spooky hallways and elevators, and a haunted trolley is ready to take you to see all the horrifying areas of town. 😱. Grab your tickets here and get ready to visit all of these spooky spots around town.

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