Pictured above is the Eastern Hognose snake which is a creepy enough name, but to make you squirm even more they've nicknamed it Zombie Snake. This snake is found around the country including the eastern third of Minnesota.

The "experts" say its name is really the only thing that's scary about it because it is not venomous and only eats toads and the occasional small mammal. BUT, it does strike when frightened. You can tell me all you want about how a snake is harmless, but if a snake "strikes" at me, I'm pretty sure I'd have a heart attack. I hate snakes!

The Minnesota DNR says, "When frightened, hognose snakes coil and flatten their heads and necks two to three times their normal width. Hissing loudly, they strike repeatedly. This is considered a bluff. If the feared predator does not retreat, the snake often rolls over on its back and plays dead."

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