I showed you earlier this week how much work dads do for free, and that work doesn't stop, even long after the "kids" have moved out.

"Help me build a fence, my son said. It'd be FUN he sad..."
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According to DailyMail, "kids" finally stop relying on dad to fix, build and do general house work at the age of 41. More than eight in ten admitted their father is always the first person they call whenever they have a job they need help with because 'they would struggle to do it themselves'.  And if you think daughters are the only ones asking for help, you'd be wrong.  Almost as many men rely on dad (70% compared to 75% women).



The saddest part of this survey found is that we keep calling dad because we don't want to pay a professional to do our dirty work.  On top of that, 89% of people think their dad secretly enjoys coming to the rescue, and a small percentage of that think we're DOING DAD A FAVOR by giving him SOMETHING TO DO! (Right, cuz dad would hate living out his golden years bailing you out, again!)

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