Downtown Rochester is awesome!!  That is, unless you're driving at any time that Mayo employees are coming or going, or worse yet, lunch time!  Typically at 5 in the morning, it's a quick jaunt to work since there's not too many people driving or walking that early.  Then there's mornings like today where it's CLEARLY Monday.  I hit EVERY single red light.  That's bad enough in downtown to put you back several minutes, but then I hit a "ghost train"??  Yeah, the red lights were flashing, the arms went down at the railroad crossing, BUT NO train!  I don't know if it's test day or what.  I didn't pull up at the end of a train.  I watched the arms go down.  Here I'm like, "great, a train, on a Monday morning."  I grabbed my phone, and was waiting to take the picture, when I realized there was NO train!!  lol... This stuff only happens to me.  Troy and I had a pretty crappy weekend.  Listen to us start the show haha.  I hope your's was better!!