Yesterday we posted this article.  The restaurant gave a family a discount for having well behaved kids.  When I saw the article I immediately thought it was a great idea.

I posted the article on our facebook page and asked if restaurants should consider charging for unruly kids.   Here are a few of the responses.

Jenny Scott --I'd really appreciate a "no kids" section, myself.

Mark Kersting-- I got mixed feelings.....I'm leaning towards it being wrong

Amber Lynn Trost --No I dont think so. No ones kids are perfect and you never know when they're gonna act out.

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I can't stand having my night out ruined by out of control kids but it's not the kids that bother me.  Kids are going to be kids and sometimes they're going to misbehave.  The really annoying thing is the parents that don't do anything about it.  The lazy self absorbed parents that are too concerned with enjoying their time that they don't realize that their kids are running around screaming and ruining other people's time.

Obviously restaurants aren't going to start charging for unruly kids but I really do like the idea of rewarding good behavior.