Getting a child to go to bed, is about as easy as pulling teeth.  I've had several failed attempts to have my little sister spend the night.  The first few years she would lay down, and then about 10 minutes later she would freak out and want to go home.  Fastforward a few years, and we have "successfully" had a sleepover now (if successfully means her staying the whole night...".  She's 7, my boyfriend's son is 5, and they are best friends one minute, enemies the next - more like brother and sister right?!  Last time she spent the night, listening to them you'd think I was hosting a teenage slumber party.  They would NOT stop talking and laughing, and they stayed up way too late, even though I jokingly threatened to give them dog food for breakfast if they didn't go to bed.  This mom documents what it's like trying to get her kids to bed PERFECTLY.