A new survey from UK-based snack maker Taste Inc., asked people to name the sound that helps them relax and calm down.  The top answer was









Here is the rest of the top 10-

2: The first couple of seconds of your favorite TV show's theme song

3: Wine "glugging" into a glass

4: A beer can opening

5: A barbecue crackling

6: Mail landing in a mailbox

7: A crowd cheering a touchdown

8:Bread popping out of the toaster

9: Water boiling

10: A champagne cork popping.

The voice of your favorite radio personality came in 14th.

Mail landing in a mail box?? What does that even sound like? Do you agree with the list?  Anything you'd add?  Silly me, I thought the sound of rain or waves crashing on the beach would have made the list.