I stumbled upon a blog today that I thought I was totally going to hate.  It completely surprised me, and gave me a brand new view on marriage.  My dad has been "married" five times, and my mom twice.  Maybe it's the lack of successful marriages in my family that made my first impression of this blog too opinionated, and way off base.  BUT, after reading through it, I realized he's exactly right.  He started writing this blog after being invited to a divorce party.  Here I just thought he was going to be one of those opinion strong men that don't believe in divorce.  Don't get me wrong, I want happily ever after, but divorce is an easy out sometimes (or so I previously thought).  Somebody felt the same way as me, and told this blogger that sometimes people change: "My wife is not the same woman I married."  His response, "No, people always change. They never stop changing. Life is change. Everything is moving, everything is transforming. Everything is changing, all of the time. The fact is that you can leave the room for ten seconds, come back, and everything will be slightly different. That’s true of the furniture, the curtains, the carpet, and yes, the people. Especially the people......Divorcing someone because they change? You might as well divorce them because they breathe."  It's definitely a different and very NEW perspective for me.  Read the rest of Matt Walsh's blog here.