To generate your Pro Wrestler name-

Use the first letter of your first name to find your Pro Wrestler first name.

A= Mighty     J= Cerebral     S= Freak

B= Grand     K= Butch         T= Fusion

C= Primal     L= Brooklyn     U= Rocky

D= Maverick   M= Outlaw  V= Sundance

E= Bad News  N= Prince   W=Triple

F= Dirk    O=Bunkhouse   X= King Kong

G= Diamond   P= Titanic     Y= Beefy

H= Johnny    Q= Bionic     Z= Crazy

I= Gunner       R= Doctor

Now use the first letter of your last name to find your last name.

A= Shadow     J= Magnum    S= Ninja

B= Hellfire     K= Hercules     T= Executioner

C= Basher     L= Spawn     U= Tornado

D= Swagger  M= Warrior  V= Cowboy

E= Spider  N= Sniper   W=Hawk

F= Snake    O= Tiger   X= Slate

G= Hulk   P= Swarm   Y= Assassin

H= Viper    Q= Champ     Z= Tank

I= Spike     R= Show

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