Where To See The Awesome Cousin Eddie and Clark Griswold Christmas Display in Rochester, Minnesota

It's the most magical time of the year!  Let your kids stay in their pj's, warm up the car, and enjoy a night of seeing some of the best Christmas lights in Rochester, Minnesota. Use this list of neighborhoods to find some of the best displays this year - and yes, Cousin Eddie and Clark Griswold are making an appearance in Rochester once again!  And if you have an amazing Christmas light display of your own, send us a photo here for a chance to win $500 cash!

10 Neighborhoods in Rochester with Amazing Christmas Light Displays

Grab a cup of cocoa, hop in your car, turn on Y-105FM, Rochester's Christmas Station and enjoy these amazing Christmas lights. We did the driving and researching for you and found the 10 best neighborhoods with gorgeous holiday displays.

What Neighborhood in Rochester Has The Best Christmas Decorations?

If you are looking to start a fun tradition with your family, here's one that you could add that we do at my house.  Every Christmas Eve we either pack up some snacks or get some food to-go and tour some of the best neighborhoods in our pj's.  Yes...all of us.  So far, we've never had car trouble or a need to get out of our car but we have made many years of amazing memories with our kids.  It's something we look forward to every Christmas Eve.

What neighborhood in Rochester do you think has the best decorations for the holidays?  I'd love to check out your favorites!  Send me a message in the Instagram world (@JessicaOnTheRadio) or on Facebook (@JessicaWilliamsOnTheRadio).

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