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So what can you do with $5K? Here are our top five things you can spend it on.

1. An Inflatable Life-size Twister Game - $2,000

“Based on the popular game that originated in the 1960s,” and no, we will NOT be saying its name, this ludicrously-priced mat is way more impressive than the original version. Why? Because its inflatable, that’s why.

2. The Human Bowling Ball - $5,500

So you'd have to fork in a little extra but how fun would this be all summer long? You can buy it here and get endless hours of fun with or without your friends!

3. A Pop Up Hot Tub - $1,199

Grab 6 of your closest friends and regardless of the weather, pop up this inflatable hot tub! It even has over 100 air jets for a gentle, relaxing massage and a chill time for all.

4. Live Like A Hobbit - $4,695

Live out your Hobbit dreams with your own little Hobbit Home or maybe your kids just need a cool little backyard chill place. This perfect Lord Of The Rings inspired playhouse will make that old tree house obsolete.

5. Soak In An Evian Water Filled Bathtub - $5,000

SoBe’s Hotel Victor is offering guests an unusual bath time experience with Evian water filled bathtubs! This luxurious bath is complimented with daisies and a smorgasbord of extravagant snacks and one of Serena Williams' very spots!

6. Rent A Celebrity - $5,000

What would be cooler than having a celebrity swing by your birthday party? How you ask? Simple, you just rent them out! The more famous the personality the more expensive the price. Bang it out with American Idol contestant William Hung!

7. Indulge For A Year - $5,000

For $5,000, you could get a one-year subscription to a wine club ($720), a fresh meal for a family of 4, 3 times a week ($1,100), a personalized box of stylist hand-picked items for you every month (about $2,800), 300 bags of my favorite Starburst Jellybeans (about $300) to enjoy along with your clothes, food and wine!

8. Skip Waiting In Lines For A Year -$5,000

Forget wasting time in lines for movies, tickets, the latest gadget, whatever. The average American spends 2 to 5 years in line! Pay a line waiter around $25 per hour on TaskRabbit. You could opt out of 200 hours of line waiting with that kind of cash!

9. Three Bedroom Villa At The Mirage Hotel - $3,000

Arriving at one of the Villas at The Mirage feels like your own private mansion. Interiors are of course lavish but you'll probably spend most of your time in the backyard, which is full with chaise lounges and umbrellas and has its own plunge pool perfect for cooling off from the desert heat (or post-Blackjack nerves). Don't even think about calling room service—your 24-hour personal chef awaits your order.

10. Create Good Karma

This certainly isn't irresponsible in any way shape or form but I had to throw it in there. There are tons of amazing charities you could donate to and with $5,000 you could give to a couple of your favorite.

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