My graduating class was 42 people, and I can tell you where and what each of them are doing to this day. Here are the 10 signs that you're from a small town too... 

  1. Everyone knows you AND all your business. Same goes for you - you can name ever single person in your graduating class, their siblings AND parents!
  2. Your favorite smell was either a bonfire, snowmobile exhaust or gas
  3. You have to tell people what big city is near you, because nobody has heard of your town: "it's a half hour outside of Rochester."
  4. Speaking of the "big city" that's where you went for "special occasions!"
  5. Your teachers taught your parents and call you by their name, or my fave "Robyn Junior" UGH
  6. Your math teacher was also your drivers ed instructor, volleyball coach and softball coach
  7. You wore sweatshirts that advertised bars to school, and nobody ever complained
  8. Speaking of bars, there are more bars than churches in your town
  9. When your high school team goes to state, the whole town shuts down, AND they put on a parade when you get back
  10. You would go on day long bike rides, and would know it was time to come home for dinner when you heard your mom screaming your name



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