Ok so maybe we don't get "mad", but these things would force us to be more passive aggressive than usual. Here are 10 things to say to a Minnesotan to make them mad.

1. Saying you're going to leave, and then leaving immediately.

That's not how it works. Goodbye's need to be said a minimum of three times, and include a final goodbye hug round. Then you can leave.

2. "This hotdish is cold/bland/a casserole."

I'm willing to bet it's none of those things. Cover it in ketchup and enjoy this local delicacy.

3."Is it always this cold?"

This one really grinds our gears when it is asked above 0 degrees. Sometimes its -20 without the windchill and we still go to work. So no, it isn't always "this cold". It's usually much colder.

4. "I've been to better state fairs. Iowa's is really good."

Good for you and Iowa. Our's is better. End of discussion.

5. "You guys have accents, say bag/roof/you betcha!"

We aren't your personal performers. And we don't have accents. Uff-da, some people.

6. "Aren't you guys basically Canada?"

*Insert blank stare here*

7. "Do you really have 10,000 lakes? There's no way you have that many."

Actually there are 11,842. But who's counting?

8. "What do you even do there for fun?"

See the lake question above.

9."Hey! Want to play duck, duck, goose?"

No I do not sir. Good day!

10. "I bet you love going to the Mall of America all the time."

Actually we usually only go when we have out of state guests that need to be entertained before getting dropped off at MSP. *shrug emoji*

Bonus: Any disrespect towards the Common Loon. Don't mess with our state bird. We will take you out.

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