A newspaper clipping from the Minneapolis Tribune in 1963 is making its rounds across social media once again as several people were asked "would a woman make a good president?". All answers except one were pretty typical for the era.

Honestly, I'm not sure what was more shocking: their answers, the fact that the paper listed their addresses, or that Tom Romanowski looks like he's from the early 2000s. I feel like that would not put people's addresses for questions like these in today's world.

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One major event that happened in 1963 was the tragic assassination of President John F Kennedy. Five people were asked a hard hitting question, especially in the 60's.

There's not a lot of information on who these people were and I even tried google searching without much luck:

  • Frank Kampa - "No. Today their mind is one way and the next day, it changes."
  • Tom Romanowski - "No. I don't have that much faith in women to let them run the country."
  • Mrs. Maureen Mellum - "No, A man is more responsible. Women have enough problems without being president."
  • Mrs. Tom Romanowski - "No. A woman is too likely to give in. They might not stand their ground when they should.
  • Vern Hause - "She couldn't do any worse then some we've had."

A realtor from the cities area, Nate Pentz shared the clipping on Twitter, and people lost their minds:

Everyone was from Minnesota that was asked except Vern who is from Stevens Point, Wisconsin. I mean Vern probably could have worded his stance a little different, but still a better answer than the other four.

Here are some of the reactions from Twitter:

A lot of people are speculating if Mrs. Tom's answer would be different if she wasn't standing near him. I know it is very much that era that a woman would go by her husband's name. I just can't get over Tom sporting a frat guy faux hawk in the 60's, I didn't know that hair style existed back then. I also wish that paper did a redo of the questions to see how much times have changed.

What a find and share from the time period back in the day. Not related, but I had to share because as I write this, it is snowing in mid to late April:

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