Today has been claimed as Global Pay It Forward Day. Now, this really should be every day but its set as a proclamation to the world that when we work together and all work on spreading kindness, we can make big changes in the world. ONE act of kindness is like a drop in water. The ripples from that drop spread far and wide with no end.

Started in 2007, its a celebration of how one small act of kindness can make a big impact in the world. The holiday now spreads love and happiness in over 85 countries.

Spread the message on Facebook with a picture of a heart on your hand and #StandingForKindness.

Here are 30 Ways To Celebrate Today With A Simple Act Of Kindness.

Give a stranger a compliment.

Encourage someone who needs it with words, a smile, or maybe a hug.

Let someone go in front of you at the supermarket.

Buy the next person in line a coffee.

Write a letter or email to someone who made a difference in your life, telling them why.

Donate something anonymously to a person in need.

Look after a busy parent’s kid(s) for an hour.

Mow the lawn for someone who can’t do it themselves.

Visit a grandparent or older person you know in a nursing home.

Donate some food to your local food bank.

Tidy up Rochester by picking up any garbage you see (Support #LitterBitBetter!).

Read a story to your children, even if you’re busy and it isn’t bedtime.

Bring a card for someone at your workplace, telling them how you appreciate their hard work.

Send flowers to cheer someone up.

Go through your closet and donate some good quality clothes to a local charity.

Become a Big Brother or Big Sister to a child that would benefit from a mentor.

Give a really generous tip to your waiter / waitress.

Do the dishes or load the dishwasher, even if it isn’t your turn.

Let someone else have your prime parking space.

Smile and say hello to five strangers today.

Let another child go first on the slide or swings in the playground.

Volunteer for a local organization.

Buy your co-worker lunch.

Support a local producer through Rochester's Farmer’s Market.

Bring a special treat to work for your co-workers.

Help someone load or unload their groceries.

Let someone go ahead of you in traffic.

Put post-it notes with positive sayings on random lockers at school.

Deliver a meal to someone who is sick.

Hold the door open for someone who has their hands full.

Check out acts of kindness locally on the C.A.K.E. Facebook Page.

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