Now that Super Bowl week finally upon us, and with it in our own backyard for the first time since 1992, I got to thinking about all the visitors from out east, and across the world that will be invading our fine state for the next week leading up to the big game on Sunday night.

Many will have only read or seen depictions of what Minnesota is all about on screen, so I have no doubt in my mind that their eyes will be opened to how great this place really is. Between all the sites, the food, and yes even the snow, I hope everyone walks away with a positive impression of our state. But I do want to give a friendly heads-up to anyone who's coming in here with a preconceived notion or opinion of what we're all about:

  • Ignore and Forget About Those Silly TV/Movie Accents: We don’t all talk like the characters from “Fargo.” I love Ewan McGregor as an actor, but that last season was just over the top. Just stop already.
  • Understand 'Minnesota Nice': Expect Minnesotans to be polite, courteous and helpful, but don’t try to make friends because we prefer to keep strangers at a safe distance. Some equate this with passive-aggressiveness, which to each his own, but just know it's a real thing and we'll be dishing it out hard these next six days.
  • The 'Minnesota Goodbye' is Real: So please plan accordingly. My dad first introduced me to the term sometime when I was in high school. As we were leaving a family function he said we needed to start saying our goodbyes now if we wanted to leave by 3:00. It was just past 2:30 at the time. Confused, I asked why... to which he replied "Because everyone here is a master of the 'Minnesota Goodbye' and we've got to make our rounds now or we'll never get out of here." I watched it all play out in real time and we eventually made it out by 3:10. Turns out Minnesotans aren't all that good at conversation… until you’re trying to leave.
  • Be Ready to Hear 'Uff da' More Than Once: According to Urban Dictionary, it's an interjection signifying exhaustion, weariness, resignation, or overwhelm. If someone says this to you, do not take it personally. Growing up in a Norwegian family, I've learned that you just smile, nod and respond, “You bet”. Or "You betcha" if you really want to fit in.

That's all I've got off the top of my head. Are there any I missed that should be added to our list?

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