I've been off the market for almost four years now, married to my beautiful wife Danielle. But she's got a couple single friends and they're always wondering what the hell there is to do for date ideas in Rochester?

Well I'm here to toss you a couple ideas that my wife and I have done for fun with our own "date nights". These are guaranteed to kill some time in between those awkward silences on a Friday or Saturday night when you can't quite decide on what you'd like to do with each other.

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    Get to know each other by working as a team

    Ever wonder how well you and a new date might get along in a teamwork situation? There are several Escape Rooms in and around Rochester that are a ton of fun! Work together to beat the clock while having some laughs as you escape your room, and maybe towards a second date!

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    Afternoon of Bingo!

    Still getting to know one another and feeling each other out? Then how about a game of Bingo! Wild Bill's has Mega Saturday BINGO every weekend with a progressive jackpot that's always a great time. You could play a game or two, or an entire packet and play all afternoon long. Either way, you can sit and talk in between cards and maybe even win a jackpot that'll pay for dinner and drinks later or a second date down the road!

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    Game it up at The Machine Shed!

    Get your competitive juices flowing with a blast from your past and get your game on at The Machine Shed! With thousands of games to choose from, there's bound to be a couple titles you've both obsessed over at one point in your life on your Super Nintendo or Playstation. Plus for only $10, you can play all the Mario Bros. or Pac-Man you want - You can't beat that!

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    Progressive-Style Dinners

    We're lucky to have so many options when it comes to food in Rochester, that you can literally eat someplace different every day of the week and not have the same meal twice. So why not do a progressive-style dinner where you grab drinks/appetizers at one spot, dinner at another, then finally desert at your final destination. Downtown is perfect for this with so many restaurants within walking distance.

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