Alexa has been filling my home with Christmas music for weeks now, but did you know there are several other ways she can get you in the holiday spirit? Here are four fun ways that Alexa will make the holidays more festive. 

  • 1

    Alexa, read "The Night Before Christmas"

    She will recite the entire poem.

    OR, ask her to play "The Night Before Christmas" as sung by Peter, Paul and Mary. It's beautiful!

  • 2

    Alexa, Ask Me Christmas Trivia

    You can also ask her any questions about Christmas:

    • Who's your favorite reindeer? (Surprisingly NOT Rudolph)
    • What is the true meaning of Christmas?
    • How old is Santa?
  • 3

    Alexa, Where's Santa?

  • 4

    Alexa, Play Christmas Sounds

    You'll need to enable the Christmas Sounds skill, but you'll hear hooting owls, clopping hooves, Christmas carolers and more.

    P.S. enabling new skills is free.

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