I try to eat healthy most of the time. It's hard to find good options and summer street festivals like Thursdays on First. I think Rochester is really lucky because they have some fantastic restaurants involved with this event that make the pickings A LOT better! I headed out to Thursdays on First for it's opening day with a mission to find you the healthiest options. Here's my top 5!

Tap House

They've got Shrimp for $10. Fish is a great option because its a high-protein, low-fat food that provides omega 3's.

Bleu Duck

You can get a Lobster roll for $10 with lettuce and lobster meat, hold the roll. Lobster not your thing? Try the Pad Thai Salad for $7. Rice noodle, almonds, veggies, egg, cilantro, topped with tamarind vinaigrette.


You can't go wrong with a Fish Taco for $8. You can sub the fish for black beans too. Maybe skip the meat altogether with a Veggie Taco for $6.

Hefe Rojo

I personally tried this. It's the Grilled Chicken Taco for $8. It comes with blackened chicken, cilantro lime rice, garlic aioli, pice de gallo, chimchurri, pepper jack cheese, cilantro, served in a flour tortilla. I skipped the tortilla but this was pretty good.


Potbelly's! They had an Uptown Salad which is rave-worthy. It was $9 and had grape, apple, cranerry, red onion, walnuts and grilled chicken. SO YUMMY!!

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